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Survey & Inspection

Survey and Inspection Services

Salia Shipping and Logistics Limited is your trusted partner for high-quality Survey and Inspection Services designed to meet the diverse needs of the maritime and logistics industry. Our experienced team, equipped with industry knowledge and cutting-edge technology, ensures accurate assessments and reliable inspections across various sectors.

1. Cargo Survey and Inspection

Salia Shipping conducts thorough cargo surveys and inspections to assess the condition, quantity, and quality of goods. Our services include pre-shipment inspections, damage assessments, and cargo weight verification, providing clients with accurate and reliable information for informed decision-making.

2. Vessel Condition Surveys

Our team of marine surveyors performs comprehensive vessel condition surveys. These surveys cover the structural integrity, machinery, and overall condition of vessels. Salia Shipping’s assessments are valuable for pre-purchase evaluations, insurance underwriting, and routine maintenance planning.

3. Pre-shipment Inspection Services

For exporters and importers, Salia Shipping provides pre-shipment inspection services to verify that goods meet contractual specifications and comply with international standards. Our inspections help prevent disputes, ensuring the smooth flow of goods in the supply chain.

4. Marine Insurance Surveys

Salia Shipping offers marine insurance surveys to assess risks, damages, and compliance with insurance policies. Our surveys provide insurers with accurate information for underwriting decisions, claims processing, and risk management in the maritime sector.

5. Offshore Installation Inspections

Supporting offshore operations, Salia Shipping conducts inspections of offshore installations. Our services include structural assessments, equipment inspections, and compliance checks to ensure the safety and integrity of offshore facilities.

6. Container Inspection Services

Salia Shipping’s container inspection services cover the examination of containers for compliance with international standards, structural integrity, and cleanliness. Our inspections contribute to the safe and secure transport of goods in containers.

7. Tanker and Bulk Carrier Inspections

Our specialized surveyors conduct inspections of tankers and bulk carriers, assessing compliance with safety regulations, cargo handling procedures, and structural integrity. Salia Shipping’s inspections ensure that vessels meet industry standards for safe maritime transport.

8. Port Facility Security Assessments

Salia Shipping provides port facility security assessments to enhance the security of maritime infrastructure. Our assessments cover security protocols, access controls, and compliance with international security regulations, contributing to the overall safety of port facilities.

9. Oil and Gas Infrastructure Inspections

Supporting the energy sector, Salia Shipping conducts inspections of oil and gas infrastructure. Our surveys assess the condition of platforms, pipelines, and equipment, contributing to the safe and efficient operation of offshore energy facilities.

10. Environmental Compliance Inspections

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, Salia Shipping conducts environmental compliance inspections. Our surveys assess compliance with environmental regulations, waste management practices, and pollution prevention measures in maritime operations.

11. Third-party Inspection Services

Salia Shipping offers third-party inspection services to provide independent and unbiased assessments of goods, equipment, or facilities. Our inspections contribute to quality assurance, compliance verification, and risk mitigation in various industry sectors.

12. Remote Sensing and Technology Integration

Embracing technological advancements, Salia Shipping integrates remote sensing technologies and data analytics into survey and inspection processes. This enhances the accuracy and efficiency of assessments, providing clients with advanced and reliable insights.

Choosing Salia Shipping and Logistics Limited for Survey and Inspection Services ensures meticulous assessments, accurate reporting, and reliable insights across a range of maritime and logistics activities. Our commitment to excellence and industry expertise positions us as a trusted partner in ensuring the integrity, safety, and compliance of your operations.